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The Film Business based on the unique characteristics of the contents, we enhance the work itself.
We prioritize the mutual understanding with our audiences with new distribution methods.
As a major investment and distribution company representing Korea.
We will communicate with global audiences across borders,
and share the joy from Korean films with the entire World.
World’s culture creator
We are a Culture Creator that lead the World's film industry
by being one step ahead of others and presenting new materials.
  • New Challenges
  • Global Communication
  • Icon of Entertainment
  • 2008
    Established Movie investment and distribution department
  • 2011
    Entered Top 5
    among Korean Film and Distribution Companies
  • 2013
    <Miracle in Cell No.7>,
    Reached 10 million tickets sold
    (Total Tickets: 12.81 Million)
    <The Attorney>,
    Reached 10 million tickets sold
    (Total Tickets 11.37 Million)
    Ranked No.2 among all distribution companies
    Ranked No.1 Korean film distribution companies
  • 2016
    <Train to Busan>,
    Reached 10 million tickets sold
    (Total Tickets 11.56 Million)
    <Train to Busan>,
    invited to 69th Cannes Film Festival
    (Midnight Screenings)
  • 2017
    <The Villainess>,
    invited to 70th Cannes Film Festival
    (Midnight Screenings)
  • 2020
    invited to 2020 Cannes Film Festival
  • 2021
    <Hostage: Missing Celebrity>,
    ranked TOP 3 Korean movies in 2021
  • 2022
    <THE NIGHT OWL>, ranked TOP 5 Korean movies in 2022
    <THE WITCH: Part2. The Other One>,
    ranked TOP 6 Korean movies in 2022
  • 2023
    <The First Slam Dunk>, ranked TOP 6 Total movies in 2023
    <Smugglers>, ranked TOP 3 Korean movies in 2023