business area
  • management
    Manage the best athletes
    in various sports
    such as golf, curling,
    ice skating, table tennis, and etc..
  • property
    Exploring and expanding
    in new sports businesses
    such as ice shows,
    billiards, and etc..
  • sports event
    Plan and operate
    major sport competitions
    such as golf and develop promotional events.
  • sponsorship
    Attract and discover sponsors
    for sports stars,
    sports organizations,
    and various sporting events.
  • media contents
    Produce content,
    distribute broadcasting rights,
    and provide media consulting.
  • license
    Perform brand licensing,
    and development of
    sports related products.
  • communication
    Establish various advertisement
    and communication strategies,
    such as advertisement planning,
    production planning,
    and media planning,
    for effective publicity.
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