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Director YANG Woo-seok
Cast JUNG Woo-sung, KWAK Do-won
Production Sun-Young
Producer KIM Tae-won, PARK Jun-ho
Grade 12
Release 2017-12-14

UHM Cheol-woo, the former agent of the North Korean National Security, escapes to South Korea with No. 1 of North Korea who has been injured due to the coup of hard-liners against North Korea. One day, UHM comes across KWAK Cheol-woo, an acting chief of foreign security affairs of the Blue House and they realize they have to cooperate and proceed with a dangerous secret spy mission together in order to prevent the Korean war.

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The Chase

Director KIM Hong-sun
Cast BAEK Yoon-sik, SUNG Dong-il
Production AD406 Pictures, CINEZOO
Grade 15
Release 2017-11-29

Deok-su is a grumpy landlord of a small apartment in Aridong who always pushes the tenants to pay their overdue rent. One day, people in the town, especially the elderly go missing one by one and are eventually found dead. Though the whole town is threatened by a mysterious serial killer, nobody, not even the police have a clue who the criminal is. Then, an old ex-detective Pyung-dal suddenly appears and asks Deok-su for help, saying he can catch the murderer together as he thinks there is already someone suspicious.



Director JUNG Byung-gil
Cast KIM Ok-vin
Grade Adult Only

An endless vengeance of a mysterious lady who has been raised as a killer.

Sook-hee, a trained assassin, takes revenge on the men who murdered her husband. After losing consciousness, she awakes at the National Intelligence Service. The NIS wants her to undertake confidential missions, but Sook-hee initially refuses. However, Sook-hee decides to accept her new identity as Yeon-soo in order to stay alive. Under her new identity, she meets Hyun-soo, and they dream of starting a family. However, on the day of their wedding, she is assigned a new mission that changes everything.