NEW Introduction

Starting out as a film investment and domestic distribution business’ in 2008, NEXT ENTERAINMENT WORLD(aka NEW) is in possession of film, music, performance and ancillary rights division.
Taking the lead in the Korean film market share in 2013, NEW has grown rapidly and has now become one of the most successful content distribution companies in the market.

Major Work

Film <Miracle in Cell NO.7> , <The Attorney> , <Hide and Seek >, <Cold Eyes> , <The Grand Heist>, <New World>, <All About My Wife>, <Unbowed >, <Hello Ghost> , <Pieta> etc.
Performance Musical <December> and theatrical play <Big-Talk Daddy>.
Ancillary Rights Distribution Distributing films and performance in the secondary market through subsidiary company ‘Contents Panda'.
Music Producing, Investing and Distributing Music of Established / Potential Artists’ and All kinds of Music.


NEW's dream is to become a ground-breaking Total Media Contents Distribution Group by delivering various contents including Film, Music, Drama, Musical and so on.
We promise to 'ENTERTAIN' public and bring positive effects to the society with 'Trust'.


Organization Map

Film Division


NEXT ENTERTAINMENT WORLD appeals to a wider audience, by releasing various films. NEW’s recent hit, <Miracle in Cell NO.7>, <The Attorney>, surpassed 10 million audiences and <Pieta> picked up the Venice Film Festival’s top prize, the Golden Lion.
NEW will continue to provide better movies to the audience, and keep on making a meaningful growth.

Ancillary Rights / Int’l Sales Division

contents panda big logo

Contents Panda is Next Entertainment World’s International Business and Ancillary Rights division. Its International Business division has opened shop in January 2015 and its goal is to provide the world with top quality Korean films. The company also distributes ancillary products and invests/produces various entertainment products to broaden its business area.

Music Division

MUSIC & NEW started to run its music production and management business in 2012. At now, It is focusing on investment and distribution of established / potential artists’ music and producing divers contents through OSMU. MUSIC & NEW plans to work in partnership with international labels. It’s goal is to strengthen its position as a global company and provide new vision for music industry.


2008 ~ 2010

08.08 Founded Next Entertainment World Co., LTD.
08.12 Marked 1 Mil Audience (『Twilight』, 1.3 Mil)
10.11 Marked 2 Mil Audience (『Haunters』, 2.14 Mil)

2011 ~ 2013

12.01 Started Music Business(MUSIC&NEW)
12.05 Marked 4 Mil Audience (『The Grand Heist』, 4.9 Mil)
12.09 Golden Lion Award, 69th Venice International Film Festival(Pieta)
13.01 Received US$10 Mil Investment (5 VCs including Kibo, etc.)
13.01 Marked 10 Mil Audience (『Miracle In Cell NO. 7』, 12.81 Mil)
13.08 Started Ancillary Rights Business(Contents Panda) Started Ancillary Rights(SHOW&NEW)
13.12 Ranked No.1 Film Investment & distribution Company
(No.1 in Korean Film Distribution, 2013)

2014 ~ Today

14.01 Marked 10 Mil Audience
(『Attorney』, 11.37 Mil)
14.03 5th Filmdom Award(CEO KIM, Woo-taek)
14.06 Head Office Relocation
14.11 Venture Business Certification Renewal
14.12 Received US$ 52 Mil (Huace Film & TV)
Stock Listing, KOSDAQ

Thinking NEW

"We challenge what's NEW"



NEW, dreaming of Contents World

Strengthen Contents
Seeking Business Opportunity in Contents Movie, Music, Show, Drama, Ancillary Rights Dominant Business Expansion through Content Right Acquisition Ancillary Right Branch(Contents Panda)
Market Expansion
Overcome limitation of Domestic Market Beyond China, to the Global Market
Target Chinese Market Strengthen Sales Force


NEW's dream is to communicate with public and bring positive effects to the society with qualified contents and become a Total Media Contents Distribution Group in the contents business.



Address 8F, DooSan Bldg, 726 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel +82-2-3490-9300