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THE MIMIC (2017-08-17)

Director HUH Jung
Cast YUM Jung-ah, PARK Hyuk-kwon
Grade 미정
Release 2017-08-17

Based on the tiger of Mt. Jang, a legendary ghost which mimics the sound of humans.

Hee-yeon moves to her hometown near Mt. Jang, wishing her mother-in-law remembers how she lost Hee-yeon's longing son, Jun-suh. One day, near a cave at Mt.Jang, Hee-yeon meets a girl in tatter and reminds of Jun-suh. Feeling sympathy, Hee-yeon decides to spare a bed until she finds the girl's parents. Gradually, the girl mimics Hee-yeon's daughter, Jun-hee's name, voice, and look; eventually, calling Hee-yeon, mom. As the girl enters the house, strange things begin to happen to a family and at last, the mother-in-law who suffered from auditory hallucination disappears to the cave with the legend about a mysterious creature. Will Hee-yeon find her son? Will this family find happiness again?

The Great Battle (2018-09-19)

Director KIM Kwang-Sik
Cast CHO In-Sung, PARK Sung-Wong, NAM Ju-Hyuk
Production CHANG Kyung-Ik, PARK Jae-Soo
Producer GU Tae-Jin, KIM Yong-Sun
Grade Not Rated
Release 2018-09-19

Rampant (2018년 10월 예정)

Director KIN Sung-Hoon
Cast HYUN-Bin, JANG Dong-Gun, CHO Woo-Jin, KIM Eui-Sung, JUNG Man-Sik, SEO Ji-Hye, LEE Sun-Bin, CHO Dal-Huan, HAN Ji-Eun, PARK Jin-Woo
Production LEE Han-Seong, KIM Sung-Hoon
Producer KIM Nam-Soo, YUN Suk-Dong
Grade Not Rated
Release 2018년 10월 예정

The Underdog (2018년 하반기 예정)

Director OH Sung-Yoon, LEE Chun-Baek
Cast DO Kyung-Soo, PARK So-Dam, BAE Chul-Min
Production OH Sung-Yoon
Producer CHOI Yoon-Kyung
Grade Not Rated
Release 2018년 하반기 예정